“One of our biggest challenges early on was sourcing high quality coffee. I searched all over BC for the freshest and highest quality coffee beans, but there was no local supplier that met my strict standards. After traveling to many coffee plantations and speaking with the most hardworking coffee farmers, I learned that the only way to achieve the quality of coffee I was looking for was to import our green beans from around the world and roast them myself! After 20+ years of roasting coffee beans, I can proudly say Ohya Cafe serves among the best coffee in Canada.”

J. H. – Owner of Ohya Cafe


Family Owned.


30+ years of coffee expertise. 20 years of roasting experience.


Serving Syphon Style, Pour-Over, and Italian style coffees.


Baked in-house with a fresh selection every day.

Nothing in the world is a sweeter match than coffee and cake. After training under the most skilled Japanese pastry chef, and over a decade of her own research, my wife, Tina makes the most exquisite cakes and pastries for our café. Some of our best sellers are the chestnut tart, chestnut cake, almond coffee cake. The dessert selection at Ohya Café changes every day and are all made with natural, and top quality ingredients. Come by sometime and give them a try.

Key tips for brewing perfect Syphon Style Coffee at home!
Syphon Style brewing gives the barista full control of:

  • Coffee ground coarseness
  • Water temperature
  • Burner heat level
  • Brewing duration
  • Extraction amount via stirring

Ohya Cafe’s Tips for You
* The water has to be below boiling temperature, too hot and coffee will taste burnt. Too cold and it’ll be too acidic. 90-95°C is perfect.
* Burner keeps the water temperature consistent throughout the full process, not letting it get too hot or cold.
* We like our brew duration to be around 1 minute (top secret for those who have made it this far, ssh!)


What we make


What they say

"Love the Mandehling, Mocha Java, and if budget allowed, try the Kopi Luwa."

Finnie FangLing Xu
My favorite place to buy specialty single origin coffee beans. Jason has the best roasting skills.

“A quaint and cozy café tucked away in Richmond.”

Chelin Grabowski
It's a bright and beautiful location with very kind and attentive staff and delicious treats. The iced London Fog is perfect for a warm morning.

"Very friendly staff and desserts are always amazing!"

Christine Lin
Love the ambience of this place, very classy. Always have classical music playing.

"Great coffee and dessert place."

Jeff Wong
Can also purchase various house roasted coffee beans as well!

"Oh my goodness this is like a hidden gem!!!”

E. McK
The café is beautiful and the service was very good, the food was very delicious especially for the price! Definitely recommend.

Opening Hours

Tue – Fri 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Mon Closed

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